The main reason people use the internet is to find information. They go online and start surfing around from website to website looking for answers to questions they have. Search engines base their whole business on being able to provide search results that are going to provide the best information as it relates to the keyword being searched. If your website is full of quality information you stand an excellent chance of having people visit it and then having them come back. Writing articles around the keywords that people are searching for is an excellent strategy,for keeping your website fresh, and getting visitors to it.

Tasks Performed by an Operating System

More recently, operating systems have started to pop up in smaller computers as well. If you like to tinker with electronic devices, you're probably pleased that operating systems can now be found on many of the devices we use every day, from cell phones to wireless access points.

How to crack A technical Interview

Getting a job after graduation or during bachelor’s Degree is sometimes proves to be a nightmare for a fresher. Most of the students, most of the time clears all the rounds but fails to clear the final round ie; The Technical Interview, which becomes a hurdle for them, In this article we will Meet the final hurdle between you and getting a job. The technical interview.

Getting Started in Datascience

There's no denying that 'data scientist' is a hot job title to have right now, and for good reason. It's a tremendously fun and challenging field to be in, and despite all of the often underserved hoopla that surrounds it, data scientists are doing some pretty amazing things. So it's no surprise that many people are clamoring to find out how to become data scientists.

10 Intresting facts about Machine Learning

Machine learning is about creating algorithms and systems that can learn from the data they process and analyze. The more data is processed, the better the algorithm will become. It is actually a science of getting computers to act without explicitly being programmed and is a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI).